SquarePac food packaging

SquarePac™ trays are made from recycled PET (rPET), which is easy to recycle and contains minimum 85% recycled content.

The square design with a hinged, reclosable lid keeps leftovers fresh, thus preventing food waste.

Square trays use material optimally, generating less material waste in production. In cartons, they result in less transportation of air, thereby lowering transport costs and CO2 emissions.

SquarePac™ is the ideal, sustainable food packaging for cold ready-to-eat meals such as salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

Fit for future

  • Mono-material
  • Easy to recycle
  • Minimum 85% recycled content
  • Square design optimizes material usage
  • Clear material for easy sorting and recycling
  • Reclosable lid keeps leftovers fresh, thus preventing food waste

Fit for purpose

  • Square design optimizes space in the cold counter
  • TamperTab™ – secure closure provides food safety
  • Stackable for better presentation
  • Hinged and reclosable lid for easy handling
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 70°C

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