SquarePac food packaging

The SquarePac™ trays ensure that your food stays fresh. The re-closable, hinged lid, which can be ripped off after opening, makes the trays easy for consumers to use on-the-go. The trays are designed with an optional TamperTab™ that secures closure. The trays are easy to store and transport as the dome lid is designed to ensure safe, strong, high-impact stacking. The trays are available in both transparent and dual-coloured versions. Ideal for salads, sandwiches, tapas, wraps and fruit mixes, and can be used within temperature ranges -40oC – 70oC

  • Unique tamper-resistant feature ensures security
  • Designed for safe, strong, high-impact stacking
  • Re-closable, hinged lid
  • Tear-off lid enhances table presentation
  • Transparent and dual-coloured versions
  • Ideal for salads, sandwiches, tapas, wraps and fruit mixes