Zen food packaging

The Zen range consists of an exclusive modular system and comes in black as standard. The trays with transparent anti-fog lids keep your food in focus and enhance product presentation. The grid base design securely holds contents in place and slightly elevates the products. The trays are produced in recycled PET and can be used within the temperature range -40oC to 70oC. The Zen range is designed with visible opening tabs, which makes it convenient for consumers. The minimalist design covers sizes from single portion to family pack.

  • Attractive, table-ready appearance
  • Small, medium and large trays in rPET
  • Sealable and available with anti-fog lids to enhance product presentation
  • Slightly elevated compartments securely hold contents in place and increase visual impact
  • Ideal for sushi, tapas and antipasti

Sushi in black Zen trays with clear lids - food packaging - Plus Pack Sushi on big Zen tray presented with clear lid - food packaging - Plus Pack

Zen Selection Platter 

The Zen Selection Platter is a premium packaging solution that supports social eating. The 7 to 11 compartment possibilities give different serving opportunities. The sustainable, mineral-based trays are made of 52% PP Chalk, which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to standard PP. The range offers sizes that fit all your needs, and can be used within the temperature range 40oC to 100oC. The tray’s anti-fog lid enhances product presentation and keeps your food in focus. The platter is ideal for tapas, Mexican dishes, cheese or chocolates for sharing. The Zen Selection Platter is among the world’s best and has won two awards – ScanStar 2017 and WorldStar 2018.

  • Supports social eating
  • 7 – 11 compartments
  • Produced in PP Chalk reducing CO2 emissions by more than 40%
  • Won 2 awards- ScanStar 2017 and WorldStar 2018
  • Ideal for tapas and other food selections

Zen Selection platter with tapas selection - food packaging - Plus Pack Black Zen Selection Platters with tapas selection and clear lid - Plus Pack