Circular packaging solutions for takeaway food

How can you combine the need for takeaway food with the demand for circular packaging?

We know that consumers want both. We also know that many consumers mistakenly believe that packaging made from plastics should be avoided.

However, plastic is an ideal material for food packaging. Plastics protect the food on its journey from production to the retail store and to the kitchen table. Plastics prolong the shelf life of food, reducing food waste. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – plastics are recyclable.

When is a packaging solution circular?

At Plus Pack, sustainability is inherently linked to circularity, meaning materials are kept in the loop. Packaging should be sorted and recycled and not disposed after use. Therefore, we design plastic packaging solutions that recycle easily by focusing on three simple principles:

  • Mono-materials
  • Clear materials
  • Materials with recycled content

Our product portfolio complies with all regulations related to packaging, including the European Union’s single-use plastics directive which took effect July 2021.

Read more about our principles for circular design here.

Do you want to know how to choose the right circular food packaging?

– Download our step-by-step guide on how to choose the right circular packaging solution.

Download the guide here

Outstanding packaging design

What makes the consumer choose your products on the supermarket shelf?

The answer is the food, of course. However, many years of experience have shown us that eye-catching design can elevate your products and increase your sales volume.

That is why we develop packaging solutions that stand out through:

  • Customized design tailored to various situations
  • Materials that match your food products
  • Unique and attractive design

Do you have a particular idea on mind? Let’s team up!

We offer a wide variety of standard food packaging solutions. If you have a particular idea, a new product, or a specific challenge on mind, then you are in good hands at Plus Pack.

Our team of developers are at your service, putting all effort into making your food stand out. You will get a circular packaging solution in high-quality materials in a design that makes production and logistics work smoothly. Importantly, your packing solution will catch the consumer’s attention in the supermarket.

Contact us if you would like to know how our packaging solutions can make your food stand out.

One supplier for all your packaging needs

How many meals do you produce and sell?

At Plus Pack, we offer you more than 1000 different packaging solutions to choose from – solutions for any food types, from cold and warm ready meals to salads, tapas, sushi, and more. With us, you only need one supplier to meet your packaging demands.

We offer:

Circularity and recyclability are part of all our packaging solutions. This means that your food is packed and ready for the journey towards a circular economy.

Combo sets for convenient purchase processes

Do you have a small shop or limited storage space?

At Plus Pack, you can order packaging packed in combo sets.
The sets come with an equal number of containers and lids in one item number.

We offer combo sets in plastic as well as aluminium:

  • Plastic trays for cold meals or ready meals that can be heated in the microwave oven
  • Aluminium containers for ready meals that can be heated in the oven, microwave oven, or on the grill

Combo sets are available for a selection of containers and trays from two of our most popular product groups:

Ready2Cook® and Bistro™.

Book a Packaging School session to learn more

What is circular packaging? And how do you choose the right, circular solution for your food and ready meals?

Evidently sustainability has come to stay. The increasing demand for circular solutions from consumers and governments encourages action. However, countless misleading claims have emerged in the past years about circular packaging, creating misconceptions about materials.

Therefore, we would like to share some facts with you. We have developed a Packaging School concept for that very reason. In our Packaging School, you will be equipped to make the right, circular choice:

  • You will become familiar with sustainability terminology and the principles behind a circular economy
  • We will explain all about relevant legislation within packaging and help you understand your local requirements
  • You will be introduced to facts about plastics and aluminium as well as other packaging materials

The session will be tailored specifically to your needs. We make individual agreements for when and where to meet. We suggest you come to our headquarter in Odense, Denmark, to visit our learning lab and production site. This gives you the optimal session, but we can also do an online session if you prefer so.

Book Packaging School here.

Our promise: Reliability of Delivery

What is important for you when choosing a packaging partner?

We would like to invite you for a talk about this. But let us give you a short introduction here.

Our promise to you is that we share your ambitions: We aim to make your food stand out – always. We focus on developing packaging solutions that are recycled easily, and we are ready to walk the extra mile to meet your demands.

For your business this means that:

  • We focus on the needs that are unique to your business – from production to handling, transport, functionality, and design
  • You get access to our 100+ years of expertise within food packaging
  • You receive your orders on time, every time – we know that reliability of delivery is vital for your business

In Plus Pack you will find a reliable business partner. “The drive to make a difference” has been our motto ever since Plus Pack was founded in 1914. Now, we cannot wait to make a difference for your business.