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Finding the right food packaging solution for your product can be a long process. We have knowledge in many areas and can help you make the right choices. We offer services to help you from concept and design development, to samples and the final implementation of the packaging solution in your production. We help optimise the food packaging to your food as well as your production process. Below you can read more on the different services offered.

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Trend & Innovation Workshops

We go to great lengths to stay on top of global and local consumer trends and food and packaging trends in order to use our expertise in developing innovative food packaging solutions. Our in-depth insight in the food industry enables us to anticipate changing consumer preferences and even set some trends. We offer innovative workshops on the main trends, share information from store checks and we challenge you on how to see your market.

Join us in our trendsetting ambitions – and book a workshop today in which we can brainstorm together new innovative ideas to build your business.

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Concept Development

Concept development is one of the first steps in the new product development process. It is our ambition to support you in the early stages in order to ensure decision making on a solid ground. Through our Design Thinking process we can support your process – from early brainstorming to design development and sample creation. We make sure that product lines are optimised for your products and production line.

We also keep track of trends in the whole world that can inspire you. How about a breakfast line or a kids menu? These are just a couple of examples of the trends we see developing in different industries.

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Design Development

With countless products facing consumers, packaging design is what makes one product stand out over another. Good design catches the eye of the consumer, but great design does a lot more than that. We can help you from the start to the end by analysing the market, trend spotting, analysing your production and logistics so that the design can be optimised with the right solution, and concept development. 

Plus Pack’s Project Managers work with talented European packaging designers to stay abreast of market trends and developments. We create samples underway to help you visualise and test the new design.

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With the creation of samples, we can help you find the right solution for your product and production. We can for example run existing products in different materials to test their characteristics.

We are also able to 3D print designs in early stages of the new product development process in order to help the decision making process.

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Sustainability Workshops

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic – also within the food packaging industry. Food packaging is often perceived a villain, however, this is not always the case. Food packaging protects your food and helps fight food waste, and if recycled correct, the impact on the environment after use is minimised. We are committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions, and we take specific measures to live up to our environmental responsibilities.

We want to share our knowledge of how we can be part of a more sustainable world by offering workshops on sustainability.

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Packaging School

There are many different packaging materials and types on the market which all have their own characteristics and application possibilities. In recent years, sustainability has become a new buzzword and sustainable solutions are demanded by consumers. We have many years of experience in the food packaging industry and would like to share our knowledge and help by clarifying different packaging materials.

We also conduct workshops of different lengths for everyone interested in food packaging materials.

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Technical Support

Our many years of food industry experience have provided us with knowledge on how to increase your production efficiency. It is important to have the right solution for your products and production whether it is aluminium containers or plastic trays. Our on-site technical support can help you optimise your packaging to ensure better sealing, improve logistical efficiency, optimise shelf life, etc. We also have extensive experience with and knowledge about machines and denesters and can help you choose the right ones for your products and production. Please feel free to contact our Technical Manager or Sales Representative in order to have us help you optimise your production efficiency.

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Sealing Machine Testing

Film performance has a huge impact on your products and your business. We can assist you with figuring out which film has exactly the properties that work best with your food, production process and packaging solution. We can also provide a portable machine to test Skin Pack, MAP or top film-sealing solutions with your trays. Either conduct your test at Plus Pack’s headquarter in Denmark or have the machinery shipped to your location – along with a technical manager.  

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Marketing Support

Our Marketing Department works with all marketing areas and can inspire and assist our customers in a variety of ways. We can inspire in most food categories on optimal food packaging and we can help you develop catalogues. Also, we have a comprehensive eCatalogue in which you can search for any item number, or you can search in filters for any kind of relevant product information. Also, in the eCatalogue you can download product photos and inspirational photos in an authentic environment.

Visit our eCatalogue or contact us to develop a marketing-to-marketing relationship.

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