Consumer behaviour is changing

COVID-19, the coronavirus has been disrupting our world. In the last weeks, consumer purchasing habits are changing. Looking at the food industry we see that many catering companies, canteens and restaurants have had to make changes.

Instead of offering buffets, many now offer meals packed as single portions. Single portion means that the meal is portion-packed in a tray or container so it is the ideal amount for one person.

Single portions are a guarantee for security and hygiene. Next to safety, meals packed in single portions also help reduce food waste as only the amount of food needed is produced and packed. When provided with a lid, the tray can be reclosed in order to keep leftovers fresh, leading to less food being thrown out.

Are you looking for the right solution for your single portions?

Are you looking for a food packaging solution for warm meals? If you offer warm meals that need to be warmed or cooked by the customer, aluminium is ideal. Aluminium is a sustainable and convenient material that can be used in the microwave oven, in the conventional oven or even on the grill.

Then our Ready2Cook® solutions which come in different formats, round or rectangular could be the perfect fit for you. These aluminium containers come with a plastic lid but can also be heat-sealed.

Alternatively, Standard Aluminium Containers are a classic choice for takeaway as they come in many sizes and can be closed with carton or plastic lids.

For microwaveable meals, the Bistro™ Warm range is an ideal choice. Bistro™ Warm trays are produced in PP Chalk and can therefore be used in the microwave oven. The lid is leak-proof and therefore ensures safe transport.

If you are looking for a food packaging solution for cold dishes, we have several plastic ranges. The small round DeliWave™ trays are perfect for small portions of salads or snacks. For bigger salad portions, the SquarePac™ or Bistro™ Cold range are qualified solutions.

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