Convenience remains a key driver in the growing market for fresh and nutritious ready-to-cook meals. During their busy weeks, consumers lack both time and inspiration for cooking. Ready-to-cook meals provide consumers with the taste of a home cooked meal that someone has spent hours preparing. Ready-to-cook meals consist of raw ingredients that are precut, seasoned and mixed. These ready-made, quality meals can go directly from the cold counter into the oven (or on the grill) and are therefore perfect for time-hungry consumers.    


  • Aluminium
    • High barrier properties and good thermal conductivity that ensures equal distribution of heat
    • The containers can go from the freezer or cold counter directly to the oven or BBQ
    • 100% recyclable by nature and therefore a sustainable solution
  • From one portion to family of 4 or more – sizes for all kinds of families
  • Clear lids for perfect product presentation
  • Sealable for increased shelf life and easy transportation

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