Sustainability – the heart of everything we do

We work for a more sustainable world by focusing on responsible production and consumption. We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. In fact, it has been a main focus for Plus Pack for more than a century.

The drive to make a difference” has been our motto ever since it was formulated by our founder, N. J. Haustrup, back in 1914. The motto came from a desire to bring about positive developments for customers, employees and suppliers, as well as the local community. It is still in our DNA today, handed down through four generations.

Sustainability is not only a defining part of our past and present. Since 2018, it has been the focal point in our ambitious strategic vision for the future. Hence, sustainability is what guides us forward.

Our vision

To transform the single-use food packaging industry to circularity by offering circular food packaging at net zero.

Differentiation and innovation is critical for success in the market place for food. This is why we are fully focused on making our customers’ products stand out. Using our vast packaging experience and flexible operations, we customize sustainable packaging solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. Combined with a high level of services and support, this is our winning formula to how “We Make Food Stand Out”.

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Circular economy

We support a circular economy. That means to keep materials and products in the economic circuit for as long as possible. The circular economy breaks with the idea of a linear economy that starts with the extraction of resources and ends up as waste. That is why we focus on recyclable products that contribute to a circular economy and thereby a more sustainable world.

Are you struggling to find the right packaging materials?

Choosing the right packaging materials can be a challenging task. There are many decisions to be made that can be overwhelming. At Plus Pack our key focus is circular packaging solutions. We have extensive knowledge on circular and recyclable packaging solutions and we would like to help you.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN Sustainability Goals with a particular focus on goal no. 12: “Responsible Consumption and Production”. By addressing four specific global challenges related to the way we design and manufacture our products, we continually find new ways to ‘do more and better with less’ – thus protecting the world’s resources. These four global challenges are described in the following four targets of Sustainable Development Goal no. 12.

  • Target 12.2: We minimize footprint
  • Target 12.3: We fight food waste
  • Target 12.5: We think circular
  • Target 12.8: We engage & inspire

  • Minimize CO2 in production
  • Minimize scrap
  • Recycled materials
  • Green electricity

  • Premium protection
  • Extended shelf life
  • Reclosable solutions
  • Right-sized portions

  • Design for recyclability
  • Recycled materials
  • Use materials “fit for future”
  • Focus on mono-materials

  • Engage in partnerships
  • Packaging School
  • Sustainability projects
  • Market communication


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