Bio-based and biodegradable plastic

The confusion about bio-based plastic and biodegradable plastic is very common. Bio-based plastic means that the material is based on agricultural products, for example corn starch and sugar cane. On the other hand, traditional or fossil-based plastic is based on oil or gasses. Bio-based plastic has the same properties as conventional plastic, and bio-based plastic can actually be a combination of agricultural and fossil-based material.

Biodegradable plastic means that the product is designed to be composted – instead of being recycled. If biodegradable plastic is mixed with plastic that is designed to be recycled (fossil- or bio-based PET, PP and PE) then the recycling phase is destroyed.

The common vision in Europe is to focus on a circular economy by recycling as much plastic as possible. At Plus Pack we support this idea and that is why we focus on designing packaging that is to be recycled. This way we support a circular economy.

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