Consumer behaviour is changing

Looking at the food industry, we can see that many restaurants had to make changes. Food prepared for takeaway and home delivery has become the new normal, as hotels, restaurants and cafés are challenged in their traditional business model due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Many players in the restaurant sector were already offering takeaway solutions before the pandemic. Others have seen new sales opportunities and added takeaway to their business model.

Takeaway is growing in Denmark – but more info about sustainability is needed

A survey conducted by DRC (The Association for Danish Restaurants & Cafés) confirms that takeaway has become an important part of the Danish restaurant sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The research shows that 44% of the restaurants, cafés and hotels in Denmark sell more takeaway now compared to before the pandemic, and approximately 27% plan on making takeaway an even bigger part of their business. This goes to show that consumers’ increasing demand for takeaway has offered restaurateurs who were experiencing a difficult time an opportunity to survive the corona crisis – particularly those who did not offer takeaway and home delivery before.

The survey results also show that an important portion of the players in the industry (approximately 60%) needs more information about circularity. Choosing sustainable packaging can be very confusing for restaurateurs. There are many aspects to defining the circularity of a packaging solution, since the whole life cycle of the packaging holds an importance. Oftentimes, information about sustainable properties have not been made clear. As packaging manufacturers, it is our job to guide and educate restaurateurs about how to choose the right, circular packaging solution for different situations.

Takeaway & Home Delivery Solutions

The restaurants can offer takeaway where the customer picks up a meal at the restaurant, and/or home delivery where the meal is delivered from the restaurant to the consumer’s home address. For both options the right packaging is key to ensuring safe transport. Food packaging is required in order to ensure that the meals are kept safe during transport. Whether you go to the restaurant yourself for takeout or you get it delivered to your home address, there is still a transport involved.

Takeout or home delivery – we have food packaging solutions fitting the situation. You can see our complete product assortment in our eCatalogue.

For warm ready-to-heat or ready-to-cook meals, aluminium solutions are ideal. This could be our Ready2Cook® or Standard Aluminium containers, available in many different formats and sizes. For meals that have to be heated in the microwave oven, the Bistro™ Warm or SmartView™ MicroChef range is the right solution.

For cold ready-to-eat meals, a plastic tray can be perfect.  For serving a salad the Bistro™ Cold range or SquarePac™ trays could be an ideal solution. The Zen™ Selection Platter offers 7-11 compartments for a tapas selection.

Contact us if you want a specific product proposal or more inspiration on solutions for takeaway and home delivery solutions.

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