Create your sharing experience with Zen Selection Platter

Make your food selection stand out 

Inspired by the concept of Spanish Tapas and social eating, the Zen Selection Platter was developed during Plus Pack’s own design process involving surveys as well as in-home tests with customers and end users. This early involvement helped us to develop a tray that truly stands out and fits customer needs.

The new Zen Selection Platter is designed for ready-to-serve foods and snacks that can be put on the table right away. This attractive tray is flexible because it offers the possibility of seven to eleven compartments. There are three round compartments in the middle of the tray. Then the four big compartments around have little room dividers in them so they can actually be used to create eleven usable compartments. Its symmetric shape makes it ideal for sharing while sitting next to each other or around the table and experiencing different tastes.

Plus Pack has received a WorldStar 2018 award for the attractive Zen Selection Platter. The new and user-friendly packaging design is produced in special environmentally friendly plastic and can be used for tapas or salads. The design was developed in Odense in close collaboration with consumers and customers.

The sustainable and attractive choice

The Zen Selection Platter is produced from Plus Pack’s exclusive PP Chalk material which gives it an optimized sustainability profile with a saving of more than 40% in CO2 emissions compared to standard PP. The PP Chalk offers many different color options.
The platter has a rustic and natural look enhanced by the material structure. Also in a classic black, the material gives a pleasant haptic feeling. With its neutral and natural color, as well as the elegant black, the colors of your food are emphasized and your meal will look outstanding.

You can fill it with many specialities, such as:

  • Tapas or Antipasti
  • Cheese or Nut selections
  • Chocolates or Cookies
  • Ingredients for Tacos, etc.

The platter is sealable and fitting dome lids in two heights are available. The platter can ideally be supplemented by a tray from the ShelfMaster range in the same unique material, offering many combination possibilities. You can use these smaller trays to add a little extra to your food selection.


  • A flexible platter with 7 or 11 compartments that gives your end users different serving opportunities and securely holds content
  • Sustainable, mineral-based tray made of PP Chalk which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to standard PP – appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers
  • Anti-fog lids in two different heights keep your food in focus and enhances product presentation
  • Optional heat-sealing can provide your products with longer shelf life resulting in less food waste
  • Available in a natural look or classic black
  • ScanStar 2017 and WorldStar 2018 winner