Aluminium food packaging – aluminium is the champion in a circular economy

Why use aluminium food packaging?

Aluminium is a valuable material. It recycles forever and is the champion in a circular economy. 

Do you know how to sort aluminium containers?

Aluminium is the champion in a circular economy. It is recyclable without loss of quality and can be recycled forever. Watch our latest movie explaining how to sort aluminium at home so it gets recycled again and again.

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  • Aluminium is recyclable without loss of quality
  • It holds on average 35% recycled content
  • By recycling rather than extracting new aluminium, you save 95% in energy



  • Aluminium is convenient: the container can be used as a cooking tray
  • It can tolerate temperatures from -40°C to 350°C (200°C if lacquered)
  • Aluminium ensures equal distribution of heat
  • Highest level of food safety due to unique barrier properties
  • Optimized logistics due to light weight compared to plastic
  • Customize your packaging with colours, prints or embossing



  • Aluminium can go from freezer or fridge to microwave oven, oven and on the grill

Aluminium recycles forever

Aluminium recycles forever and fits perfectly into a circular economy. In a circular economy waste is treated as a resource and turned into valuable raw materials that can be reused for new products.

Act now!

Do you want to support a circular economy? And position yourself as a sustainable company using fully recyclable materials? Then move to aluminium. Now! It is the only packaging material that recyclable without loss of quality. Aluminium does not disappear. In fact, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use.

Some retailers in Europe have already moved their ready meals from plastic to aluminium. Today aluminium is the only material that is actually being recycled regardless of food application.


Aluminium has the highest realized recycling rates in Europe. 69% of all aluminium is being recycled.

All types of aluminium, incl. cans

Germany 96%
Finland 96%
Belgium 95%
Norway 92%
Sweden 88%
The Netherlands 84%
Poland 77%
Denmark 75%
EU 69%
France 62%

Source: European Aluminium 2016

Award-winning solution

The ScanStar 2019 jury awarded our Ready2Cook® Snack Size container.

The easy-to-recycle container consists of 40-45% recycled content and is recyclable without loss of quality, supporting a circular economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

It is also light weight. You can pack 275% more units in one carton compared to a PET tray in the same dimensions*, thereby also reducing CO2 during transport.

Read more about the winner here

*Stacking height of this aluminium container is 2mm whereas stacking height of a PET tray in the same dimensions is 7,7mm.

Aluminium can be used in the microwave

Aluminium containers are suited for microwave cooking – as long as a few guidelines are followed. Click here to learn more.

Aluminium in the microwave infographic

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